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Maintenance Window

APIsec is committed to a continuous delivery cycle and as such will have a nightly maintenance window. The following tasks are executed during the maintenance windows:

  • Application and scanner deployments.
  • UX, bug fixes, enhancements, and new feature deployments,
  • Configuration changes related to security and usability are applied.

Service status during the maintenance windows:

  • All updates are triggered automatically and/or done by the APIsec staff.
  • All updates are applied as rolling updates resulting in minimal downtime, if any.
  • All changes pre and post-deployments are automatically tested by our continuous test automation suite. If we determine any deficiences, an automatic rollback is triggered.
  • If you experience service issues during the maintenance window, please wait a few minutes and try again.

Maintenance Window Times

APIsec currently is using the following maintenance times:

- 2:30 AM PST to 3:00 AM PST (half hour) Monday - Saturday
- 2:30 AM PST to 3:30 AM PST (one hour) Sunday