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7. Deploy Scanners

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APIsec allows you to deploy a Private or Global Scanner. Go to the Scanner module by click 'Scanners' on the home page.

Deploy Scanner

7.1. Private Scanner

You can deploy Private Scanners across AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, and On-premises. The APIsec scanner is a light-weight Docker container. You can deploy the On-prem Scanner as a docker container on any Linux host or deploy across the above mentioned cloud regions.

7.1.1. Deploy a New Private Scanner on Cloud

  1. click '+ New Scanner' on the Scanners module page.

APIsec Screenshot

2. Enter Scanner name that you would like to associate to the scanner. It is recommended to give unique names to the Scanners to easily identify them while deploying a registered Private Scanner.

APIsec Screenshot

3. You need to register the cloud service, which you will use for hosting the Scanner.
To register a cloud service;

a . click '+ Register Cloud' -> Enter the name -> Select the cloud type. (For this demo, 'Azure' is selected )

b. Provide the required cloud credentials. For 'Azure' the credentials shown in the screenshot are required.
Note: Credentials requirements vary with the selected cloud type.

APIsec Screenshot 'Advanced section' below and select the available region.
Note: credentials requirements varies with the selected cloud type.

APIsec Screenshot

d. click 'Add' and the registered cloud service will appear on the current page.

APIsec Screenshot

e. click 'Submit' to deploy the private scanner on the cloud.

APIsec Screenshot

7.1.2. Deploying a New Private Scanner On-premisses

To deploy an On-prem private scanner, you need to set up the Docker/Kubernetes on the host machine.

  1. Follow the step 1 and 2 of the chapter 7.1.1.
  2. click 'Docker/Kubernetes Installer' and select the cluster size. (The larger cluster sizes are higher speed)

APIsec Screenshot
3. click 'Submit' and a screen with commands for deploying the Scanner on Kubernetes, Docker, and AWS Fargate will appear.

APIsec Screenshot
4. Click 'Ok' to proceed.
5. Enter the IP address of the Scanner. This IP is for the machine on which private scanner is deployed.
6. The commands for setting up the Scanners on Docker, Kubernetes, and AWS Fargate are provided on the same page. You can use the commands for the host system environment.
7. click 'Check Status' at the end of page to check the status of Scanner. This status tells us if the scanner is deployed successfully and running.
8. click 'Save' to deploy the On-prem private scanner.

APIsec Screenshot

7.2. Global Scanners

APIsec also allows you to select a ready to use Global Scanner. These scanners are deployed on the Virtual Machines of APIsec Inc. They are provided for the ease of users who do not want to set up a separate private scanner.

You can select any desired Global Scanner while initiating a Scan.

A total of 9 Global Scanners are currently available.

  • Rate limit Scanners run slowly with intervals.
  • Super Scanners are fast.
  • The other scanners are deployed on the Cloud in different regions.

APIsec Screenshot