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How to Configure JumpCloud SSO for APIsec


Configuration Steps Tutorial

Configuration Steps(2)

  1. Actions to Perform to setup JumpCloud :

    • Log in to your JumpCloud admin account. (
    • Launch an existing organization or create a new one and launch it.
    • Go to SSO Applications and add a new application.


    • Select "Custom Application" & click Next.
    • Under "Manage Single Sign-On (SSO)," Select "Configure SSO with OIDC" and click Next.


    • Add a "Display Label" for the application and click Next.


    • Verify the application summary and click on "Configure Application".

    • Under "SSO" select "Refresh token" and under "Client Authentication Type" select "Client Secret Basic".

    • For "Redirect URIs" and "Login URL" provide as "{{clientId}}/redirect". Note: You can obtain the clientId after clicking on the "Activate" button.
    • Select "Email & profile" under "Standard Scopes".


    • Select "include group attribute" and add "ROLE" as memberOf in the field.


    • Under "User Groups" assign the application to any group from the list.

    Note : 1. If no "User Groups" exist, you can create them in the "USER MANAGEMENT" section, ensuring that they align with the APIsec user roles.
    2. User groups serve as a link between users and applications, enabling access.
    3. Each user should be restricted to a single user group.

    • Click on "Save" and store the "Client ID" and "Client Secret" locally. These will be prompted in a window after clicking on the "Save" button.


    • Place the stored "clientId" in "Redirect URIs" and "Login URL" under "SSO" by clicking on the created application and save it.
    • Under "User Management" you can add users and user groups. Note: Users can access the applications with the same user group assigned to the user.


  2. Actions to Perform at APIsec:

    • Login to APIsec with the organization Admin account at


    • Click on the Configurations Tile.


    • Click on SSO Tile Under Integrations and Select SSO Type as JUMPCLOUD from the Dropdown.


    • On the SSO Settings tab, enter the "Client-ID" and "Secret" from the application created on JumpCloud and save by activating the form.

    • Go to the User Portal Login page at

    • Enter the user credentials and log in.
    • Click on the created application, and you should be redirected to the APIsec portal. JumpcloudImage10