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Security Categories Use

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APIsec allows you to use a public or private security category(s) while running a Scan.

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9.1. Public Security Categories

APIsec has 123 total up-to-date public security categories. These security categories include OWASP Top 10 along with other known API vulnerabilities.

The security categories are constantly updated. Existing ones include:

  • Unsecured Endpoints
  • Authentication Weakness
  • Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC)
  • Attribute-Based Access Controls (ABAC)
  • SQL Injection
  • Distributed Denial of Service

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9.2. Private Security Categories

APIsec offers this unique feature to its enterprise customers to add custom security models for newly discovered vulnerability(s) of a database or a framework.

Note: Only the Enterprise admin can add or edit a security model.

To add a new security model:

  1. click 'New Security Model' and select the type of mode from the drop-down menu.
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  2. 'Injection' is selected for this demo.

The basic section requires following information:

  • Name: Provide a unique name for the security model.
  • Injection Data: This data is the payloads that will be injected on the target API while playbook execution (Security Scanning).

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The Advanced Section requires following information:

  • Key: This is autofilled according to the name of the security model.
  • Assertions: Provide the assertions for the security model. The rules and details are mentioned in the comment box next to 'Assertions'.
  • Security Model Description: This is optional but it can be added to make it easy for others to understand the purpose of the model. It can be written in plain-text or HTML tags.
  • Assertions Description: This is also an optional requirement but it can be added to explicitly define the meaning of assertion expressions.
  • Remediation: Admin can add the mitigation techniques for the vulnerability(s) covered under the security model.
  • Tags: The tags are for the classification of vulnerability(s). for e.g, OWASP Top#2 can be a tag for the security model that covers OWASP top 2 vulnerability.
  • Vulnerability Scoring System: The default is the CVSS 3.1 but you can also define a custom scoring scale.
  • Est. Time to Fix(hours): The time required for fixing the vulnerability(s).
  • Est. Bounty Value: The bounty offered by different programs for such vulnerability(s).
  • Auth: By default it is "Default". But, you can use the name declared in the environment variables.
  • Beta Toggle: If this security model is a beta version then turn on.
  • Skip Filing Vulnerability Toggle: If off then it prevents from filing the vulnerability after the scan. If the vulnerability is detected it will not be filed (recorded) in the results.
  • Scope: The scope for a custom security model is private and it is visible to the enterprise user only.

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3. click 'Build and Launch' to make it ready for use during the Scan.

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