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How to programmatically register API’s from AWS Gateway

Depending on your development/deployment process, it may be easier to register API’s within APIsec using a script rather than the UI. In order to make that easier, there is a pre-written script that is located here.

In order to use the script, there are a few steps/prerequisites.

  1. Install the AWS CLI.
  2. Generate an AWS Secret-key and Access-key

Once you have the prerequisites done and your key information, you can use the script in the following manner.

#Syntax: bash --host "" --username "" --password "" --accesskey "<ACCESS_KEY>" --secretkey "<SECRET_KEY>" --name "" --accountType "<ACCOUNT_TYPE>" --region ""

#Example usage: bash --host "" --username "" --password "xxxxxx" --accesskey "xxxxxxx" --secretkey "xxxxxxxxx" --name "Testing" --accountType "AWS_API_GATEWAY" --region "us-east-1"