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API Gateway Overview

What is API Gateway?

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An API gateway is a server and we normally call it an API server. It is an entry point into the application or software. Most organizations' APIs are deployed through a cloud API gateway. API gateways handle and process the incoming API calls from the clients and respond accordingly. Clients can be user browsers, scripts from partners, other application components, or anything else that needs to use the common interface.

  1. On the Home page, click API Gateways.


2. On the API Gateways page, click "+ Register Gateway"

Register API gateway

The important thing to note here is the 'Enable Automated Onboarding' checkbox, which will enable automated onboarding of APIs and onboard all the APIs uploaded or updated on that registered API gateway weekly.

Register API gateway

3. Select your API's Gateway from the drop-down menu. For this demo, I selected 'AWS'.

Register API gateway

4. Provide the required credentials for registering the selected API Gateway and click Create.