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6. Reports

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The 'Reports' page of APIsec covers the trends, summary, and coverage. This section of the Project Dashboard contains brief stats of the current Project. It also has graphical representations of Project Stats.

The 'Email Report' button at the top right corner of the 'Trends' page allows you to receive PDF of Pentest, Developer, and compliance Report in the mail box. The reports are sent to the registered email address.

The "API Composition" Pie chart's each slice represents the API methods along with the total number of requests.

The "Endpoints Trend" graph shows the trend of API Endpoints. The trend changes on the basis of an increase/decrease in the number of Endpoints.

APIsec Screenshot

The "Coverage Breakdown" and "Playbooks Trend" are explained in Chapter 4.2.4.

APIsec Screenshot

The "Open Vulnerabilities" Pie chart shows the detected vulnerabilities which are not fixed yet. It divides them on the basis of 'Security Categories'.

The "Vulnerability Trend" graph shows the increase/decrease in the detected vulnerabilities in all the Scans performed.

APIsec Screenshot

This section of the 'Trends' page contains a list of 'Security Categories' along with their OWASP ranking. It shows the 'Security Categories' assessed in the API Scan and the vulnerabilities found.

APIsec Screenshot

At the end of the list, it shows the total number of Playbooks and total open vulnerabilities. The important option here is the 'Download as Excel' button.

Below is the view of the Excel file.

APIsec Screenshot

6.2. Summary

The 'Summary' Page contains the briefs of Project API Scan where you can download the PDF of the summary.

APIsec Screenshot

6.3. Coverage

The 'Coverage' has a list view of coverage breakdown. The 'Security Categories' mapped against the API resources and Endpoints are presented.

The 'Y' green box shows that the particular category was mapped against the API. The 'N' red box is the opposite.

APIsec Screenshot

If you need to re-test the category for a particular resource, then click on the green box. Select the environment -> Select Scanner -> click Scan

*the categories with 'N' status cannot be re-assessed.

APIsec Screenshot

The important feature on this page is the 'Download as Excel' button at the bottom right corner of the page.

Below is an example of the Excel file.

APIsec Screenshot