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APIsec Overview

Discover APIsec

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The Only 100% Automated API Testing Platform. APIsec automatically creates and runs thousands of test cases tailored to your unique API architecture - integrated directly into your workflow.

Instantly secure APIs in Apigee, Azure, AWS, Kong & more with API Gateway.

Scanners! APIsec Scanner is a light-weight Docker container which receives tasks from the APIsec control-plane over SSL. These scanners run playbooks/security tests.

Vault allows you to securely store and use API keys and credentials, tokens, passwords, and key-value pairs. APIsec Vault is like a password manager that stores all your credentials securely and provides read-only access to test playbooks.

Create and update new and existing Security Categories to remediate/test new and emerging security threats.

Your organization’s security is presented in graphical and statistical formats for better visibility in the Dashboard.

Let’s get started! Btw, once you register your API, it will appear under the Project section below the content tiles.